Office Sytems
Q. How much is a service contract?
A. Our minimum contract pricing is $450.00 and can vary depending on the
amount of copies/prints per year (reffered to as "cpc" or "cpp")

Q. What does a service contract cover?
A. Your service contract from ABM will cover parts, labor, travel time
preventative maintenance. In most cases the price of two service calls covers
the cost of a service contract.

Q. What kind of response time can I expect?
A. In most cases you will have a service repair technician within one business
day. Service contract calls will get priority over non-service contract calls.

Q. Do I have to have a service contract to get my printer or copier repaired?
A. No, ABM also does per call repairs for an hourly rate.

Q. What types of printers and copiers do you service?
A. ABM services most all makes and models of printers and copiers, new and
older models.

Q. Do I have to ship my printer or copier to you?
A. No, ABM is only a phone call or e-mail (
see service call) away and you dont
have to have a contract!!! A service repair technician will repair your printer or
copier on site.

Q. Do you carry parts for my printer or copier?
A. ABM has most all-common parts for printers and copiers in stock. If we don’t
have your part in stock we can have it for you the next day.
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